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quick FACTS

Home town: Stockholm, Sweden |  Weight class: 77 kg/170 lb | Height: 183 cm/6.0 ft | DOB: 91.10.08 | Professional record

  • Bellator MMA-debut, 2019

  • UFC-debut , 2017

  • The Ultimate Fighter S22 tryouts, 2015

  • Member of the Swedish National Sanda Team, 2013

  • Professional MMA debut, 2013

  • Swedish Sanda Champion, 2012 & 2014

  • Swedish Amateur MMA Champion, 2011 & 2012

  • Swedish Grappling League Champion, 2010

  • Professional Muay Thai debut, 2010

  • Member of the Swedish National Karate Team, 2008

the Story

Born in a family running a karate dojo, Oliver was raised as a martial artist from day one. He started training just a few years old, leading him to compete in tournaments as a way of testing himself and find motivation for practicing. At first his efforts did not gain much success... but with time and determination he kept on fighting and eventually earned a spot in the Swedish National Team for juniors. During these active years in karate he visited Okinawa (Japan) on several occasions to train and expand his knowledge straight from the roots of the martial art.

Around this time he also started to incorporate K-1/kickboxing in his training regimen, and as soon as he graduated high school he spent two months in Thailand where he made his professional debut in Muay Thai – winning by head kick knock out in the second round.

Now MMA started to get attention world wide and caught Oliver's interest. He dove in to the art of wrestling/jiu-jitsu and developed his ground game enough to start testing himself in grappling tournaments as well. The goal was never to win trophies but to develop as a martial artist. Winning was just a bonus. With a complete look on fighting now he entered the Swedish amateur MMA-league; where he earned the first ever title of Swedish welterweight champion!

The Martial Art journey kept expanding in to competitions in Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) in which he also won the Swedish Championship title - earning him a spot in the National Team as a representative in the World- & European Championships.

The professional MMA career started in 2013 after racking up an amateur record of 14 W - 1 L. The training took him all over the world; from Europe, Thailand and Brazil all the way to New York, Florida, Las Vegas, San Diego, Montreal and Los Angeles - where he got to spend 1-on-1 time with top level fighters such as former UFC-champions Lyoto Machida and Georges St-Pierre.

In May 2017 Oliver made an impressive debut in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) with an undefeated pro-record of 7 W - 0 L, facing a much bigger and 10 years more experienced opponent. Even though the fight went to a decision victory for the opponent, Oliver won a huge crowd of fans and praise from the media. The message was clear: ”The Future” is here to stay.

After his debut taken on only two weeks notice (!) a controversial stoppage loss followed in London the year after, and the company decided to end Olivers contract. However, not long thereafter he got picked up by competitor Bellator MMA, where he debuted in London June 22nd, 2019, winning by submission in the first round. A second fight followed in Dublin on February 22nd, 2020, where Oliver scored another first round win - this time with a spinning elbow knockout shared across the globe. His third straight win, also a first round stoppage, came in the form of a Japanese neck-tie choke at the historical Bellator Paris event in October 10th of 2020.

The journey continues as Oliver fights his way up the rankings in Bellator; while spreading the Budo-spirit of respect & humility in a world infected with trash-talk and disrespect. Oliver believes you have to be the change you want to see. Be a part of the journey you too...

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Oliver's mission is to spread the traditional values of Eastern martial arts in the world of combat sports - to show that you can be a lethal fighter and a good human being at the same time. Martial arts is just as much about the inner journey as it is physical. The corner stones of the martial artist mindset, the "Budo-spirit" is:









When these character-building traits goes hand in hand with the tough MMA-training, you form a super strong mind and confident individual.


However, in the modern era of MMA we have seen a shift from martial art to sport to entertainment... And in this process selling tickets by trash-talking your opponents has (unfortunately) become a way for the fighters to make their living.

As a professional fighter on the world scene you are not only a competitor but also a role-model for young and upcoming martial artists. That is why Oliver wants to take the opposite approach of this and lead by example. He strives to be a good ambassador for the sport, showing that you can be both powerful and humble, confident without being cocky, and respectful but ruthless.

No matter winning or losing, fighting is all about developing yourself by pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. We win some and we learn some - and when things go south it is important to remember that it's not the load that wears you down but how you carry it. It is Oliver's strong belief that if more people would adopt the martial artist mindset, we would have a world without conflicts and violence.







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