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Oliver enkamp

mixed martial artist

quick FACTS

Weight class: 77 kg (170 lb) | Height: 183 cm (6.0 ft) | Professional record | Home gym: Combat Academy

  • Bellator MMA-debut, 2019

  • UFC-debut , Stockholm, 2017

  • The Ultimate Fighter S22 tryouts, 2015

  • Swedish National Sanda Team member, 2013

  • Professional MMA debut, 2013

  • Swedish Sanda Champion, 2012 & 2014

  • Swedish MMA Champion, 2011 & 2012

  • Swedish Grappling League Champion, 2010

  • Professional Muay Thai debut, 2010

  • Swedish National Karate Team member, 2008

  • Started martial arts, 1995-96

  • Born in Stockholm, Sweden, 1991

the Story


Born in a family running a karate dojo Oliver was raised as a martial artist since day one. His training started early and playfully; but once he started competing, (as a way of testing himself) it took a more serious approach with goal-setting for his practice. Olivers efforts did not gain much success at first... but with time and determination he kept on fighting; which eventually earned him a spot in the Swedish national team for juniors 👊 He also visited Okinawa (the birthplace of karate) on several occasions to train and expand his knowledge straight from the roots of the art. As a teenager Oliver added kickboxing to his training schedule, and after graduating high school he spent two months in Thailand where he won his professional debut in Muay Thai by head kick knockout.

Around this time MMA started to get world wide attention and caught Olivers interest as well. He begun studying the wrestling arts to develop his grappling enough to join tournaments. The goal was never to win trophies but to evolve as a martial artist - and gradually reach outside of the comfort zone. Winning or loosing didn't matter as much as the technical development, even though the grappling career seemed to be very successful. With a complete outlook on fighting he then entered the Swedish amateur MMA-league where he earned the first ever title of welterweight champion 🏆

The Martial Art journey kept expanding with competitions in Sanda (Chinese kickboxing) which was a pretty unknown sport in Sweden; leading to Oliver securing the Swedish Championship title in this art as well; and earning him a spot in the national team as a representative in the World- & European Championships 2012 & 2014!

The professional MMA career started in 2013 after racking up an amateur record of 14W1L. The training took him all over the world; from Europe, Thailand and Brazil all the way to New York, Florida, Las Vegas, San Diego, Montreal and Los Angeles - where he got to spend 1-on-1 time with world class fighters such as former UFC-champions Lyoto Machida and Georges St-Pierre - whom he looked up to starting MMA

In May 2017 Oliver made an impressive debut in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) on just two weeks notice (!) with an undefeated professional record of 7 straight victories; facing a bigger and more experienced opponent. Even though the fight went to a decision in favor of the opponent, Oliver won a huge crowd of fans and praise from the media. The message was clear: Enkamp is here to stay 👊

The following year a controversial stoppage loss followed at UFC London, and the company decided to end Olivers contract. However, not long after he got picked up by competitor Bellator MMA where he debuted in London (June 2019) winning by submission in the first round. A second fight followed in Dublin (February 2020) where Oliver scored another first round win - this time with a spinning elbow K.O. shared across the globe. His third fight, also a first round win came in the form of a Japanese neck-tie choke at the historical Bellator Paris event (October 2020).

Almost 14 months passed (due to the worldwide pandemic) before his new next fight took place on US-soil! Facing one of the most experienced wrestler in his division, Oliver fought through a lot of adversity as he stepped in to the cage with several injuries from his fight camp. The fight turned out to end his winning-streak, and Oliver had to fly back to Sweden and start his recovery process... Six months later, in May of 2022 he got redemption as he secured a "submission of the year" candidate in pulling of a reversed triangle choke in round 3 of his fight at Bellator London!


The journey continues as Oliver fights his way up the rankings, spreading the traditional martial arts values in a sport otherwise filled with trash-talking and bad influence. You are invited to be a part of the journey as well...

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In turbulent times we needs good role models to inspire a shift in the collective consciousness, and share empowering messages for the improvement of our health - physically, mentally & spiritually. While no one can do everything to solve the world's problems - everyone can do something by changing their own behavior; and in extension impact their surroundings.

Everyone can be a warrior in their own life; even though the battlefield might look different today than of old. The principles used to overcome adversity, however, are still the same. Ancient warrior cultures used to follow certain moral codes regarding attitude & lifestyle that prepared them for challenges. In Japan these were called Bushidô ( 武士道 ) and is something Oliver wants to spread through his fighting career. Some of these traits are...

  • Respect - Warriors have no reason to be cruel. They do not need to prove their strength. True warriors are not only respected for their strength in battle, but also by their dealings with others.

  • Humility - Warriors have only one judge of honor and character, and this is themselves. Decisions they make and how these decisions are carried out are a reflection of who they truly are. 

  • Compassion - Through intense training and hard work the warrior develops a power that must be used for good. They help their fellow human at every opportunity and care for their environment.

  • Integrity - A true warrior will always stand behind his words, even when it is to his own personal detriment. Freedom & justice are of highest value, and if a warrior gives his word to something - it is as good as done. 

  • Responsibility - Warriors are responsible for everything that they say or do - including the consequences that follow. By leading the way as an example they try their best to be the change they want to see in the world.

MMA has given Oliver a platform to spread the traditional martial arts values that he was brought up with. As an ambassador for the sport his mission is to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves ⭐⭐⭐

"Be the change that you want to see in the world"




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